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165cm (5'4)

53kg (117 lbs)

35 BC-25-33


French: Native
English: Advanced
Spanish, Italian: Intermediate

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French Superior escort model in Paris.

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Be it business or pleasure that takes you to the ever-glowing city of passion and glamor, you should make some room in your busy schedule to see its most wonderful attractions: The Louvre museum, Arc de Triomphe, tour Eiffel, and Iris. If you wish to find the most beautiful woman in a gorgeous city in the world, you should contact one of the Paris Elite Escort Agencies that would be happy to provide you with the finest Parisian experience.

Like an Old French Poem

Iris bears the magic of the luminous lights so evidently, radiating glamor, beauty, passion and style with her breath-taking appearance. Her light-brown hair, golden in the setting sun and brown in the dimmed lights, settles with its gentle tips on her perfectly carved waist, but that is not her greatest virtue. The confident look in her eyes that leaves no man indifferent, the gorgeous teeth of her pearly smile, her naturally full lips that incite sinful thinking in all men alike, her immaculately expressed cheekbones and her symmetrically petite nose all come together to form the image that only an unearthly artist could conjure. One does not need extra explaining to grasp just how enchanting the presence of this elite escort is, and how fleeting are the moments spent with her. Iris does not even need to speak in order to convey her importance in the room.

And Like a Modern Businesswoman

However, that does not mean that she is a silent type. Being the extremely skilled event organizer that she is, it can be said that communication is something she excels at. An elite escort as free as Iris loves to travel all around the world so that she could intake the magic that all the foreign cultures have to offer. She also enjoys horse riding, doing yoga, reading about the economy of the world and constantly educating herself about the ways that make the Earth go round. Being as communicative as this escort babe is, you can expect her to mentally challenge all of your work associates, with all the accumulated knowledge at her disposal. What she impresses with even further is the high class that she always takes with her, in the form of expensive and stylish clothing that blends so perfectly with her figure. She enjoys French cuisine and only the finest French wines, which makes her the standard raiser of every date and social activity.

In a Timeless City of Love

With Iris by your side and whole Paris at your disposal both by day and by night, what more could you ask for? Paris is a different world when it lights up, and yet it contains so many daily charms that you will encounter nowhere else. Since Iris is quite fond of high-class restaurants, it would be a good idea to take her to Peniche Marcounet, a 4.4-star restaurant, rigged with class and style and set upon the river of Seine in the very middle of Paris. In the evening, you could hit one of its numerous thriving nightclubs or simply take a stroll by the river with Iris by your side. Once you get a little tired and feel like it is time to return to the hotel, Iris will be glad to accompany you for a massage or a slightly more delicate touch.

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