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172cm (5'6)

60kg (132 lbs)

35 C-25-36


Italian: Advanced
English: Advanced
French: Intermediate

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Everyone has their 'type' but if you give it a lot of thought, there are some qualities that some women possess that are popular with almost all men. April, a gorgeous blond courtesan in London, is a heady combination of most of those desired traits. She has chosen London as her home because it is the city that the whole world seems to revolve around, especially people looking for the good life. It was no surprise that when property prices were plummeting in other parts of Europe during these recent years, London remained top-end and the prices keep going up. That is because it has everything for the high-class life and this escort agency in London maintains those high standards. Enter April – classy, stunning, and demure with a refinement that is missing from a lot of women recently. She is a traditional model courtesan with an eye for beauty and a love of fashion and luxury and she will chase away any blues and make your stay in London very special.

A deluxe escort model with a sense of duty

April knows that she has it good. She wears the best clothes, has expensive jewellery and can practice expensive hobbies like horse-riding. However, this fabulous Polish lady knows that life can be tough and she is very appreciative of the luxuries that she is now accustomed to. This gratitude transcribes into a dedication and a duty to always give someone what they have paid for and our escort agency in London are thrilled to be able to present a high-class call girl who is intent on pleasing the clients to the full by giving them what they want. She is an old-fashioned girl with modern looks and tastes and she will knock your socks off! She is a classic; long, wavy blonde hair, big, beautiful blue eyes, pale, porcelain skin and delicate features. Best of all is her tall, voluptuous figure; femininity exudes from every pore. She adores men and they adore her. Perhaps in the company of someone who is the embodiment of what it is to be a woman makes a man feel all that more masculine. Whatever it is, April has got it. She spent some years as a model and this is where she learned her fashion sense. She is impeccable about her dress-style. She will choose something pretty from Herve Leger or Alaia for the day-time, nicely accessorized with a Prada or Dior bag. Then, come the evening time, she will slip into something elegant, inspired by Coco Chanel whose motto of 'Simplicity is a key-note of all true elegance' is also hers. And that's not all. She leaves no detail to chance and is painstaking about finishing off her 'look' with a beautiful shoe and her preferences include Louboutin and Tom Ford. The final effect is jaw-dropping and it will be difficult to keep you hands off her.

A perky and pleasure giving escort babe

April describes herself as cheerful, outgoing and very positive in her outlook on the world. Perhaps her love of reading has allowed her develop a philosophical approach to life and, because of this depth of understanding, as well as her eclectic taste in literature, she is a perfect female companion to bring with you when you need to meet more high-brow friends or associates. She has Alexandre Dumas and Michail listed as her favorite writers and she loves movies as deep and thought-provoking as 'Schindler's List' or as ethereal as 'Sleeping Beauty'. She speaks English, Italian and Polish well and can arise to a simple conversation in French. But her finest quality is her beautiful smile and the warm way she'll make you feel inside. She will treat you with the greatest respect, listen to everything you have to say and make you feel like you are the centre of the universe. And that's just during the day. There are no words to describe how she'll make you feel later on that night.

In a top city like London, only the top models will do

London can only be described as home to the greatest luxury and high-end markets on the planet. Some people come to London and pay the price of a small house on a weekend of is the billionaires' playground. For this reason, London escorts have to be of the highest quality and April is no exception. Take the ravishing call girl to a show on the West End or an expensive dinner in Gordon Ramsey or Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. She would love to absorb some history and culture at the National Gallery or the Royal Academy of Arts, or some shopping in Knightsbridge before dinner, followed by cocktails in the Mayfair club could be just the ticket. When you have had your fill of the endless wonders of London, let this fantastic female escort lay you down in the comfort of a suite in The Langham Hotel, for instance, and finish off the perfect day to the highest and most ecstatic standards.

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