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166cm (5'4)

50kg (110 lbs)

82 B-62-88


French: Native
English: Advanced

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French Superior escort model in Paris.

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Paris is a city renowned for its beauty, it is known as the city of love and that name is well deserved. Whatever your reason for visiting this city, the experience would not be complete without having a female on your arm as beautiful as the surroundings. That is where the sensual French beauty, and one of our deluxe escorts, Lana comes in. She is the epitome of the reputation the city has for its beautiful women. Her looks alone are more than enough to crave the company of the stunning Lana, but that’s only the start.

Elegant and graceful, but sexy and playful

On first look, you could mistake Lana for a real-life Disney princess, she has those graceful looks and natural beauty that most women could only dream of. That beauty, however, has deep complexities. Stunning brown eyes hint at a sense of mischief, deep and alluring when mixed with her perfect features. This deluxe escort has shiny brown hair adds to the double trouble. She is both graceful and sexy, an attribute that few females possess. An elite model that looks like a stunning girlfriend when you are in public, but one that will blow your mind when you are not.

A hot date with deep conversation

Photo modeling is one of her passions, and you can see why. She has been doing it for three years, and she could never take a bad photo with those eyes. She has a joyful personality and loves to sing and watch movies, she is a true pleasure to be around. With degrees in arts and also communication, a conversation is always easy and insightful. You will have a wonderful time exploring the hidden depths of not just her eyes, but her personality too. Then once you do, you will get to know more about her secret pleasures, chocolate, sex and good wine.

Discover and explore Paris with an exclusive model

Paris is a city full of vibrant experiences, all of which would be enhanced by the company of Lana. It is home of the most famous museum in the world, The Louvre, and who better to accompany you than a beautiful woman who happens to have an art degree. The only negative being that you may end up spending more time looking at Lana, than the Mona Lisa. Like the famous painting, it is those hidden complexities that make Lana so mesmerizing. After a night a luxury, you could step out of the Plaza Athenee and take a stroll down the Champs-Elysees, stopping off in Le Cinq. With this model, it is time that could not be better spent. Then maybe you could indulge Lana in two of her secret pleasures, good wine, and chocolate, in the gardens of the Eiffel Tower. Then, later on, she can indulge you in her other secret pleasure . . .

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