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Dark blond


175cm (5'7)

55kg (121 lbs)

90 B--


English: Fluent
French: Fluent

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French Superior escort model in Paris.

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There is no denying it-hate it or love it, Paris is a classy city. Full to the brim with culture, teeming with activities and the hot-spot for high-fliers, there can be no better way to pass your time there than in the company of someone as high-class as our very French and very fine escort, Eva. You may need a companion for a business lunch or diplomatic gathering or perhaps you want some company at the end of a long day doing business and want to sample the luxury that Paris has to offer with an elegant, but sensual, lady on your arm. And if it is sensual elegance you are after, think no further as Eva is the call girl you have been looking for.

Elite Eva, the courtesan who has it all

Where do all the fashionistas go to search for the hub of style and elegance? France. This is because when it comes to understatement and style, the French wrote the book and Eva is the written word in human form. It is hard to know where to begin. She has that classic French beauty that you will only have dreamed of before meeting her. A sweet elfin face with flawless skin and dancing brown eyes is framed by shining, luxuriant, long brown hair which flows over her delicate frame, a body that was made to wear classic Chanel or Versace. She is the quintessential lady and will make any man in her company feel strong and powerful as he holds her small and perfectly shaped body close to his. She will make you want to protect her and will enchant you with her mischievous eyes and sultry French accent. In privacy, the little girl disappears and all inhibitions are dropped, in true French fashion, as her wild passion is unleashed.

A classy and cultural Call Girl

Eva has studied Fine Art and can converse knowledgeably about French culture with anyone. She has mixed in circles where only the best company is seen and her ability to dine and dance with the upper-classes would bring to mind royalty, with grace and style, her intelligence and knowledge, her elegance and exclusivity. Fluent in both French and English, you could take her through the museums and galleries and let her amaze you with her delightful interpretations or she will listen eagerly to yours. And if you want peace and quiet, she can fully appreciate it and will subtly follow your every wish. She is a well-travelled escort and loves to talk about or hear about the different and exotic places and cultures of the world. And she is fairly exotic herself. You will never get a woman of this caliber out of your head, but be careful! Once you meet her you will be hooked.

Take Paris in with style

With so many reasons to visit Paris, you will be spoilt for choice and you might as well be spoilt completely by this superior companion, one of the elite girls from this agency. Let yourself swim in her sophistication and bask in her beauty. You can take her dining on exquisite French food in the exclusive Laperouse or that fantastic hidden gem, Le Chateaubriand. Or maybe you would prefer some action at the ever-trendy Kong or the surrealist Club Silencio, where you can watch this little beauty move sensuously and show you what to expect later on. Or if you want to experience some of the magnificent art that Paris has to offer in the company of an educated and elegant mademoiselle, take a trip to the Louvre or absorb the opulence of the Palace of Versaille, then retire to the W-Paris Opera or the spectacular Hotel Balzac at night to discover what Eva has to offer in privacy, to make your time in Paris sublime.

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