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Light blonde


168cm (5'5)

52kg (115 lbs)

89 B/C-61-91


French: Advanced
English: Advanced

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Adorable Danielle, Deluxe Paris Escort

Dubbed-the city of love-Paris is a bustling haven for an escapade or two, and whom better to grab you by the hand and show you around than Danielle, the sensual Mermaid of Paris? A golden man needs a nothing less than a golden woman after all and Danielle represents nothing short of the upper echelon of the beauty, intelligence and aristocratic divination of a top model escort. A green-eyed beauty with flaxen hair smoother than Egyptian silk, a Cleopatran smile warm enough to heat up the cold French nights and a flexible tongue competent in a language only lovers can speak life on the catwalk has given this hedonistic jet-set escort the strut of a noble and the exuberant confidence of royalty, serving only to complement the ostentatious and mask the timid.

More than a thriller

Being a lover of the fine arts, the native VIP model escort has picked up more than a couple of skills along the way. She is by definition, an unconstrained speaker trained in the very art of conversation, able to flawlessly interchange her native tongue with German and even an effusive English accent. Life as a social person used to go to on a Cocktails has taught her how to converse with the most obtuse of people on the most mundane of topics, all the while with that angelic smile plastered across her face. She is the best of the Courtesan Models France has to offer, and our Escort Service is willing to give her to you.

Midnight in Paris

Are you planning a meeting at the Shangri-La or maybe just a relaxing stroll along River Seine or a quiet meal at pain au chocolat, an adventure atop the Eiffel Tower and or just to marvel at the Arc de Triomphe with an exclusive glamour girl? The perfect Paris experience combines both leisure and liveliness with enough time to savour both a sumptuous meal and view exhibits at the Louvre. Awaken your venturous spirit at Notre Dame, bargain hunt at the March aux Puces de Montreuil or grab some memorabilia at the March Biologique Raspail, and cap it all off with a show at the Moulin Rouge. Danielle, your very own exclusive model will be the perfect companion. She knows her way around and is willing to embark on more than one type of adventure.

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