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Dark brown


174cm (5'7)

50kg (110 lbs)

34 B-60-88


English: Fluent

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If you really feel you are worth it and want to treat yourself the way Royalty do, allow yourself the company of the ravishing Anna. She has everything a man could want in a woman. For a start, everyone will turn head after her, with her glistening dark brown hair and sultry eyes, her long, long legs and toned, supple body, but as you move through the Guildhall Art Gallery, you might be watching her rather than the Art, as her grace and sensuality are pure aesthetics. Together you will look like a royal couple, for this lady has the grace and ease and charm of the highest class in London.

Love your life while with Anna

Anna is part traditional and part modern. Like a traditional woman, she wants to please and care for her man, but the modern side of her is dynamic, engaging and vivacious. She will keep you captivated with stories of her land or her thoughts on the meaning of what it is to truly live, and will delight all those around her with her bright conversation, ebullient wit, and sparkling eyes. But Anna loves to listen and learn and loves the idea of fraternizing with the elite, mixing with the creme de la creme. She loves to hear stories of travel, exotic countries, and the jet-set and will lap up every word you or others say. Her admiration would not stop there, though. The traditional side of this woman will want to show you her appreciation. And you would not believe her beauty as she smiles in her sweet, seductive way, promising exciting moments ahead. Life does not get much better.

Live the high life in London with the most glamorous of Escorts

So, do you fancy a cocktail or long drink at Buddha Bar or Barts; or do you dare to trip the light fantastic with the most beautiful woman for miles, in clubs like Rafflles or Annabelles; or maybe a long, sumptuous meal at The Dairy or Lyles in the company of an escort of the highest class who will make every moment a memorable one. Or if you choose to spend your time in London in a more sedate, cultural and tranquil way, strolling through the Tate Modern or the National Gallery, observing the different walks of life in Covent Garden, or quietly appraising, (and maybe purchasing) the merchandise at Harrods or Harvey Nicchols, the experience will be all that more luxuriant and special with the soft charms of a spectacular beauty like Anna on your arm. She is looks, wit, charm and elegance rolled into one and you deserve to spend some time in London, taking in the magnificent city and sampling her pleasures.

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