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163cm (5'3)

48kg (106 lbs)

34 bc-23-34


English: Intermediate
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German: Native

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Berlin is famous for many things, among which an infamous wall that served to ensure the deaths of millions, to more serene things like some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. This top escort model from Berlin falls along the lines of beauty in itself, adding to the calmness of the city with her marvelous body, lighting up even the most grotesque streets of Berlin. Forget New York, you want a city that never sleeps? Try Berlin.

Deluxe model packaging,a multi-cultural wonder

This flaxen haired beauty is the product of many years of German heritage, resulting in beauty so vile and yet so exquisite in its taste, it will leave your mouth watering in lust for more of what the finest jet set escort Berlin has to offer. Do not get too greedy though, for though her beauty is unparalleled to any other in Berlin, she yearns for nothing but the best. If you have the best to offer this German ride will give you an adventure you will never forget. With this young beauty you can experience the spectacular combo of Berlin, the glamour and grit is sure to mesmerize you with its vibrant culture, over the edge architecture, food, intense parties and tangible history.

A dancer of love, a lovely dancer

Her beauty unbound, her persona unrestrained and yet more to that, her talent unyielding. She is an elite escort with the body of Hera herself, and her moves so magnificent, she hardly appears human. She is but a blur of color and flavor waiting to be tasted and tried, as her acrobatic body fluidly flows in your arms, a vast array of light and color. She is the human representation of a mixture of breeds, a tasteful cuisine from Italy perfectly blended with the grace and elegance of France, years of watching François Ozon and Regisseur loosening her tongue and her mannerisms to the French ways. Want to see well dressed lass? Wait till you see this model escort from Berlin in her trademark Acne Studios fashion, Alexander Maqueen, or in her elegant Berlin style. A dancer, an acrobat, a huntress and a lover in a fine package of class spread over a multi-cultural chain.

Roam the city with this top model escort

Germany is best known for its engineering of some of the most beautiful luxurious cars of world, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo, you name it. But what it is even more is a real combination of cutting-edge beauty and timeless tradition, all wrapped up in one fine package of spectacular landscapes, ever-vibrant metropolises and architectural masterpieces and of course a fairy-tale palaces. Berliners are the lotus eaters of Germany, they are people who love nothing less than a good time, more so with an expensive call girl. The city is vast party spectrum caters for every possible taste, the flimsiest of budgets and all age groups. From tiny basement clubs to industrial techno temples, chestnut-canopied beer gardens to fancy cocktail caverns, saucy cabarets to ear-pleasing symphonies, Berlin delivers hot-stepping odysseys, and not just after dark and on weekends, but pretty much 24/7.

High on History with Alina

Bismarck and Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and even Hitler, J.F. Kennedy and Bowie, they have all shaped and been shaped by Berlin, whose richly textured history stares you in the face at every turn. This city that staged a revolution, was headquartered by Nazis, bombed to bits, divided in two and eventually reunited and that was just in the 20th century! Take Alina on a walk along remnants of the Berlin Wall, marvel at the splendor of a Prussian palace, visit Checkpoint Charlie or stand in the very room where the Holocaust was planned. Berlin is like an endlessly fascinating paradoxical 3D textbook where the past is very much present, and the present remains only so wherever you go.

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