Storm hits the UK again -

Tuesday, 07 of January 2014

The South west of England has seen the worst patch of weather for at least the last 20 years according to the met office. Swaths of “be aware” warnings have been issued across the south coast of England from Cornwall to London for the met office.  Residents of London have experienced pretty bad weather since the new year but, the storm became its worst last night with high winds and tidal surges battering the coast.

This is hopefully the final episode in the terrible weather that England has experienced over the last few months starting with the St. Jude storm which left four people dead and left railways networks disabled. The north has recently had similar weather problems over Christmas with homes being flooded which has sparked off plans in the government to spend over £400,000 in flood defences in the north by 2021. That’s nowhere near as much as what is spend on high class London escorts every year but, it is a good pledge by the government.

Let all hope that the weather improves over the next few weeks but, as with the tradition of the English climate! The one sure thing is that you can always find the perfect female companionship from she international while you are in doors.