staying safe in the sun -

Wednesday, 10 of July 2013

I think we can all safely say that we love basking in the sun unless, well, you are a Vampire. The problem we often forget however is the Sun is very powerful and can be really dangerous because you will often miss the basic protection and before you know it run into trouble. The first and most obvious thing to do is get some sunscreen and that is where a lot of people go wrong because there loads of different brands and strengths with different ingredients in them; many just go for one which “smells good”. The strength of a sunscreen is determined by the SPF rating or Sunburn protection factor, this is calculated by how well it performs against ultraviolet (UVB) rays, obviously if you are out and about in Scotland you will only need a factor of around 15 and if you are in death valley something stronger will be needed say, 50 or more. Remember this is all in relation to how long you will be in the sun for; if you are plan for a day out on the beach with a beautiful escort then 30+ which is anti-sweat/salt proof is always a good one to go with as a rule of thumb. After all you don’t want your time with a model to be cut short by terrible sun burn!

Oxybenzone. Remember this word because it is an ingredient used in many strong Sunscreens and it is essentially a toxic chemical used to absorb UV rays to give you a “better” tan. Unfortunaly in recent studies it has been found to be absorbed by the skin and has properties which damage cells and can be linked to casing skin cancer and other problems, even though it is approved by many leading health organisations such as the American Academy of Dermatology. This chemical is not allowed to be used by children less than six months which i think is bizarre because surely it can be potentially dangerous for adults too?

Sometimes sunscreen will simply not do all of the work for you and you will have to wear clothes that cover up your body. A big problem is sunstroke, a terrible thing as you will know if you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing it before; the best things to wear for protection against this are: a hat which provides full coverage to your head and some to the face. Wear Sunglasses. UV rays do not just damage your skin they also have been known to harms eyes and causes problems such as Cataracts either way this is an easy one to do because you can look like a cool dude when you meet your elite companion.

Last but not least, keep hydrated, something that you are all aware of but a lot of the time do not do because most of you will love to indulge in alcoholic drinks. These beverages will simply do the opposite and just dehydrate you even more, so if you wish to keep drinking make sure you regularly drink ample water to keep safe.