Playboy Celebrates 60th Anniversary -

Tuesday, 03 of December 2013

Playboy has been thee men’s magazine since it was first published back in 1953. Hugh Hefner set up the first publication in Chicago with only $1000 which was actually quite a lot of money in those days – so then the legend was born which over time grew into one of the biggest brands in the world: if anyone said “playboy” you will know exactly what it is and identify the Bunny ears and the famous stars who have featured on its front cover such as Marilyn Monroe. The front cover of any magazine is the most important part mainly because everyone will look at it and it also sets a “first impression” so the anniversary magazine front cover images for the 2014 edition being leaked was a pretty big deal.

Here is the magazine cover image:

The photography by both Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott is really quite astounding in their use of denotations; the black and white imagery which highlights the models defined features is something synonymous with all playboy models over the years. The use of black and white colours gives an ultra-retro feel to the front cover as if it could have been the 1953 issue. Essentially the photography alone represents what playboy has been about for the last 60 years from the brand (you will notice the playboy band on her wrist) to the absolute beauty infused into the imagery.

At this point you are probably wondering why if have not mentioned the fact the model on the front cover is Kate moss. It was not intentional; I just wanted to highlight other aspects of Playboy before delving into the obvious. Why Kate moss? I think the prefect rebuttal would be why not? Kate moss was and still probably the most influential woman in modelling for at least the last ten years making her the perfect refection for the 60th anniversary.