Paris: the city of Romance -

Wednesday, 07 of May 2014

If you're somewhat of a romancer, then surely you have already visited Paris. In this vibrant capital, you can fall in love with whoever you're with simply by just walking down the street. For some reason even though the passionate culture of Paris has been exploited for many years now, and it's still as lovely as ever. If you're someone who enjoys all of the classic romantic cliché's then please, visit Paris. It's one of those places where you can get away with being a heartthrob around your partner without seeming too strange or over the top. Plus you can't get tired of the commonly overdone activities, no matter how many times you do them.

The Cafe scene in Paris is beautiful, Parisians more than enjoy having a lovely lunch break where they're able to unwind and converse with other members of the community. Because these Cafe's in Paris can either be intimate or sociable, they're perfect for whatever mood you're thinking of settling into. Plus, the standard of food here is incredible. Although a bit pricey, for what you pay for, you get back in the quality of the food. Both how it is made and the locally sourced ingredients in it. If you're going to Paris with one of our escorts, we'd advise you to go to one of these wonderful establishments.

Something else which takes little preparation, but is an absolute must, going to the top of the Eiffel tower at night. I know it sounds like one of the worlds 'cheesiest' things to do on a date but think about it, what more could a partner enjoy. Also if all of that climbing makes you hungry then you could just go to the 58 tour Eiffel, a restaurant that's actually placed within the heart of the Eiffel tower. Can you actually imagine something more romantic than enjoying a meal whilst watching over Paris at night? I certainly can't.

For the people that enjoy art, you're probably annoyed that the Picasso museum has been long overdue to open now. It's been three years since it was scheduled to re-open from renovation. That's excluding the two years it closed for. So if you're a fan, it'll come as pleasant news to you that the Paris Picasso museum is re-opening in September! Yet another great reason to venture into Paris with one of our escorts.