New York: A perfect place for escorts! -

Wednesday, 16 of April 2014

New York is the home of opportunities and fresh ideas, now more than ever before you can see how different, innovative and influential people have sculpted this magnificent land scape in order to turn it into the beautiful metropolis that it is today. On top of New York being one of the biggest business, fashion, and technological capital cities in the world, did you know that now a days it is highly recognised for its romance. Move over Paris! New York has become one of the best destinations to go with your partner, why not taste the experience with one of our gorgeous New York escorts?

The empire state building is one of the first places that springs to mind. When you're out during the day, I don't think you really understand how much of a wonderful, magical view it is compared to when you're visiting it during the night time. And obviously the empire state building is like tourist central, however you can't see anything more romantic and blissful than looking over New York during night time, over-viewing that beautiful lit up sky line. That's something I'd definitely recommend doing if you haven't done so already. It's a perfect place to take one of our New York companions to.

If you're someone that's into a bit more of a laid back and relaxed night, then what about HBO movie night in Bryant park? Every Monday at sunset you see the park get lit up by a free outdoor movie, grab something to keep you and your partner a little warmer and head on down. The park plays classic movies, ones along the lines of Willy Wonka, and E.T.. You won't be able to find a better way to spend a Monday, who said that they had to be boring?

If you're up for travelling a bit further, this destination is completely worth it. Rippers is a gorgeous place to spend the end of your day. It's on a lovely board walk, the Rockaway Beach Board walk at Beach 86th Street, Rockaway Park. It's not open late but on a calm summers night, you won't be able to find many other places like it which surpass its levels of romance.