New Restaurant at Harrods -

Monday, 23 of December 2013

Harrods will be experiencing huge queues on Boxing Day as it always does. However the same cannot be said about its new restaurant, one which is claims to be the biggest in London.

Londonís largest restaurant is not for the general public however, it is for staff who work at Harrods. The 550 seat canteen serves food for over 5000 Harrods staff who are based at the Knightsbridge shop, one of the most famous in the world. The new eat area has come about due to a £200 million pound overhaul to the famous building.

The 28,000 square foot restaurant is nowhere near as big as the one it is going to replace. The new one which is only half the size will still sever literally thousands of meals every day. The developments show a trend in large investments in the store form the billion Dollar, Qatar holding. The new investments include a new escalator hall, jewellery rooms and a so called fashion lab for women.