New Hotels opening in Paris 2014 -

Monday, 10 of March 2014

For those interested in visiting Paris, 2014 looks like it's going to be very prosperous for tourists. This year there are big plans for renovations all over the city, have you been keeping up to date with all of the news? Here are some of the major openings for hotels in Paris this year.

The Renaissance Paris Malmaison looks like it is going to impress its customers. Found at the Paris Country Club to the west of Paris, it will have 80 bedrooms and suites with a view of Saint-Cloud racecourse and to top it all off 2,600 m˛ of meeting rooms and events spaces. 80 bedrooms makes the Renaissance Paris Malmaison one of the more exclusive hotels in Paris, how very promising. What about the the opening of a of a 122-bedroom Marriott hotel? We obviously know the name Marriott, and we can always trust that when we stay their we're ensured a quality facility to sleep. The new Marriott hotel will also have a gastronomic restaurant.

What about the opening of the Hilton Chantilly, the 8th Hilton hotel in France. Hilton is obviously one of the most prestigious names in the Hotel industry, so when a new one opens you can only expect the same high standard as every other one. Perks at this Hilton include a concert hall with 1,000 retractable seats, 600-seater conference hall, gastronomic restaurant and spa. Finally, if you're someone that enjoys staying in a place which exudes class, sophistication, style and affluence then the 23-bedroom hotel in the former Grand Contrôle private mansion house is the destination for you. It is a building designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1684 and belongs to the national Versailles estate.

There are many more Hotels worth mentioning but unfortunately not enough time to keep writing about them. But for those who are keen visitors of pairs, there's a diverse range of hotels, one of which will definitely be suited to all of your needs. For people who're in need of a rendezvous point for an escort, this is good news for you also as you'll never be stuck for a place to meet one of our gorgeous Paris escorts.