Mars One: Ultimate reality TV show -

Friday, 03 of January 2014

Reality TV shows have become a little sullen over the last few years with ratings for shows like big brother falling through the roof. The latest announcements from the project which plans to send people on a one way trip to mars is certainly going to raise some eyebrows as they are planning to turn it into a reality TV show. 1000 people are set to be chosen for the chance to travel to mars on a one way trip to the red planet which is a daunting prospect for most but, there will be plenty of people jumping for the chance to do this.

A staggering 200,000 people originally signed up for this project which has now been narrowed down to 1058 lucky people. Humans are more than likely going to be on Mars 2025 which is far behind what most experts would have predicted back in the 1960ís as NASA did originally had plans to travel to the moon, mars and then Saturn. As we know today only the first stage in the program was completed but, now this new plan has changed everything.

40 people have been chosen from the UK and there are travellers from 107 countries. The X factor styled elimination process was to establish candidates who are serious and those who are not. The project did receive some ridiculous applications which needed to be sorted out but, now they feel the group is perfect for the mission.

This may not happen at all because only $116,654 has been raised so far. Around $4 billion dollars is needed to get it moving so there is still a long way to go. You also have to remember the technical challenge which is going to be extremely tough. The largest object that we have successfully landed on Mars was the Curiosity rover this year which only weights 900kg. A manned mission will need life support and living quarters making it a whole different kettle of fish indeed.