Japanese erotic art arrives in London -

Tuesday, 01 of October 2013

The British Museum is now hosting some of Japans most famous artwork which is known as Shunga. This artwork has ebeen creted in the far east for several hundred years and has origins which date back to Ancient China where is gained inspriration from the medical manuals. The artwork as we see in London today can be attributed to the Muromachi period which started in approimatly 1337 AD and continued untill around the end of the 14th Century: during this time the work was created and some fantastic examples are being shown in the British museum right now.

In Japanese culture the word "Shunga" meens Spring but, the artwork uses the Spring themes to express sexual acts and the idealism of life in Japan during this period. This art was usually presented to people in power in the form a scrolls which often followed a narrative which makes examples of this work every special and some of the most unique in London.