Ibiza -

Wednesday, 10 of July 2013

Ibiza is one of the most idyllic locations in the world and offers a huge diversity of lifestyles to enjoy. Located in the Mediterranean sea just off the coast of Spain Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and is probably the most famous place in the world for its night life, sun sea and sand. The interesting thing about the Island is you can enjoy a family orientated stay, or go for the hard core “raving” scene where many famous DJ’s have played at over the years. A symbol of Ibiza’s music pedigree is the DJ’s awards which are held here every year and have been for around fifteen years the original in 1998 organised by Jose Pascal. Some of the best DJ’s come here for this reason and you will often find some very famous names arriving in the port of San Antonio, last year there was Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Richie Hawtin and many more. Not only will you find famous music artists but, there are many A list celebrities who just love the atmosphere of Ibiza, From Kiley Minogue to the Only way is Essex crew there is no shortage for celebrities. The misconception of this Island is there are only strips of cheap bars with drunken people fighting yes, this is true in a couple of areas but certainly not for the rest of the Island.

Of course you are on the Mediterranean sea which is very warm and clear, Ibiza offers a lot of beaches around the entire Island, so of them far away from the busy towns. If you want to chill out with a high class escort on a lazy afternoon the Pla Nia Blau beach is one that I really recommend you visit for the white sand and hardly anyone to block your Vista of the Mediterranean Sea. Of course there are many other chilled out and famous places to visit during your stay, not just beaches but there are a whole of them so Google the town you are planning to visit and I am sure there will be something close, just make sure it is not right next to a club of course as you may have an unexpected surprise. Probably the most famous Café to enjoy a fantastic meal with a coffee is the Café Mambo which is located on the port of Sant Antoni. I have heard that cocktails are very good here. Another recommend Café is the Café Del Mar, as great place with a lot of live music.