Google glass could change the way that you search for escorts. -

Tuesday, 29 of October 2013

It was over a year ago that we heard about the Google glass and many of us thought of it as a gimmick but, after a lot of development from Google the way that people are looking at this product has totally changed. Currently to own a pair of these computerized glasses you will need to know someone who is a part of the beta testing program and $1500 so it is unlikely that you will be able to get your hands on them right away. This is no surprise as the product is still in development with a finial model which will be sold to the public around a year from now.

So what is the Google glass and how will it help you book escorts?

The Google glass is a revolutionary computer which takes off from where mobile phones run into limitations. When you are using a mobile phone you are never truly connected to the device becasue using it is not actually that ergonomic when you think about it as it always sits in your pocket and you have to look down at it to make use of the device. This distracts you from your day to days business and means that you will never use smart phone technology in a way which is entirely integrated into you every day life. This is where Google glass is bridging the gap for these problems as well as being a much more advance piece of kit.

The Google glass is designed to give you information that you need exactly when you want it without having to mess around with a phone. This could change the way that people book escorts becasue users of websites will easily be able determine which agencies have genuine girls and ones which are pulled off fashion websites. It makes finding out about information a very straightforward task as google takes care of it for you utilising the ability to find where images come from. The way you operate the Google glass is though a small screen on one eye and voice control. the only problem that i can see with it is you would not want to be asking the device to book you a escort while you are on the train or most public places! This revolutionary product gives us a glimpse into the future of what using the internet may be like and how finding information will be a lot easier to do.