Dubai to build the worlds largest Lagoon -

Wednesday, 30 of October 2013

Dubai is one of the most extravagant countries in the world with some of the most outrageous structures ever built. This year plans have been announced to build the largest man made lagoon in the world which is expected to be around 400,000 square meters making it another reason to visit Dubai with a high class escort from She international. However this project is only expected to be completed by 2020 as predicted by Crystal lagoons: the company who are building this monumental man-made structure. The largest Man made lagoon is located in Egypt and is 120,000 square meters so making this one really small compared to the Egyptian lagoon.

A look at the Egyptian lagoon

This could well make Dubai the most fabulous place to spend time with a beautiful model escort as the lagoon will have long white beaches and perfectly clear water. One could say that it will be paradise as it will look very much like the Caribbean landscape with tropical palm trees and of course the blazing sun of Dubai. The lagoon will be located within Mohammed Bin Rashid City which will truly make this a worldwide tourist destination with many visitors booking into the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is only a stone’s throw away. The Lagoon will essentially be a massive swimming pool but, the creators claim that it will not use chemicals like traditional swimming pools, it will however use some but, of a different sort.

A look at the proposed mohammed bin rashid city.

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