Gemminid Metor Shower expected this Saturday -

Friday, 13 of December 2013

The Geminid meteor shower is expected to be see very early this Saturday evening across the world. The Geminids are caused by the passing of 3200 Phaethon which is a massive asteroid which has an unusual orbit around the sun. It path leaves a wake of debris in the path of the earth as it moves towards the sun; it is in fact the closest orbiting object to the sun that we know of. At its closest point it is twice as close as mercury. The light display should be pretty spectacular with over 100 meteors streaking through the sky every hour.

The best time to see this event from around 12am on the 13th of December. The meteor shower will last around 6 hours. The best way to see them is to get to an area away from towns and cities to avoid light pollution however; the shower is visible across the world. The moon is expected to be a bit of a problem for viewers but, it should be good event to witness.