excellent Resturants in The city of New York -

Tuesday, 04 of February 2014

It is no surprise that in New York we're seeing a dramatic increase in restaurants opening up. Now more than ever we see this vibrant city in america scattered by different interesting and quirky eateries that offer some of the most sublime food that you can taste. You cannot turn a corner without seeing a five star restaurant, that delivers a breathe taking variety of food which they have specialised to make it even more unique. Do you know your favourite eating spot in New York? If not here are a few excellent places which we'd recommend going to.

'21' or the 'twenty one club' is known as the quintessential New York dining experience and the best place for immaculate American cuisine. 21 has also got an award winning wine list for you to choose from. The attentive staff too is something worth highlighting, you'll be treated like royalty in the time that you spend when at 21. If not there then you could also visit Aquavit, it is located in Park Avenue Tower and delivers Modern Nordic Cuisine. Aquavit is rated five star for both food and service, they even have a room which could accommodate 100 people if you we're that much of a fan.

If not Aquavit or 21 then what about Blue Hill? In Blue Hill it's all about seasonal american produce, so as you can imagine everything is fresh, delicious and not even a little bit boring. As 21 does, Blue Hill also boasts a very impressive wine list among it's numerous chef awards. If not there then Del Posto might be up your street instead, Del Posto offers a high quality dinning experience like all the other restaurants we've listed however in what they claim to be 'one of the more impressive indoor dining spaces in New York City'. Here you can find a "trans-generational experience" as they mix old fashioned cuisines with popular modern ones.

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