Dubai - a place of excellence -

Wednesday, 25 of September 2013

To people considering going to Dubai for holiday any time soon, Dubai is a place of excellence and in some aspects is leading the world. some attractions you can see and places you can go to really will astonish you, and because they're so far ahead in some things your experiences can become so unique that you will be a lot more than just satisfied by the end of it. The Dubai fountains are really something to see, set on the 30-acre man made Burj Khalifa lake at the centre of down town Dubai it was completed in 2009 and since then it has made an area of this gorgeous landscape even more beautiful, but then again it should do if it cost roughly 218 million dollars. if you're wanting to get wet and not just observe this magnificent water feature then maybe this place isn't the place for you however the Wild Wadi water park may be. this outdoor water park in Dubai is in Jumeirah next to the tower of Arabs, it has various different water style attractions which makes it a must go to! with its heated wave pool, multiple slides and two artificial surfing machines it makes it probably the most entertaining water park around and that's before mentioning the waterfall feature as well as the restaurants, gift shops and snack stands!

If Dubai isn't starting to appeal to you then what about taking a journey back to the Burj Khalifa lake and having a real look around the Burj Khalifa building. the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and by the seems of things will be for some time, find yourself stunned by the quality of craftsmanship and architectural skill when observing this simply astonishing building, on top of this there are some amazing things situated all around it, fine restaurants, great shops and amazing family entertainment, Dubai really isn't just a business retreat! if you feel like doing something worth remembering then why not swim with dolphins!? dolphin bay in Dubai is an area in which you can get up close and personal with these truly magnificent and majestic creatures, swimming with dolphins is on everyone's bucket list so why don't you take the opportunity to cross it off yours? stepping it up a level and getting even more extreme, what about bungee jumping? bungee jumping is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have, the adrenaline released in your body creates a feeling only describable as heavenly, if you're an extreme guy into extreme things then there is even things for you to do here!

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