Dubai- the most eccentric place in the face of the earth -

Monday, 10 of February 2014

Dubai is one of the most incredible places on earth. This one of a kind city is unique in the sense that it's so technologically advanced but is still rich in culture and tradition. It's a humbling experience to come to a place like this, almost a privileged in fact. Dubai is one of the seven states that comprise the UAE (united Arab Emirates) which was a country formed in 1971 from individual sheikdoms however now a days mostly foreigners make up Dubai. The local people who are known as Emiratis only tally up 15% of the population.

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, back in 1991 Dubai was literally just one tall building that was on the edge of a desert, which compared to now is crazy as there are 400 high rising buildings now. The Burj Khalifa being the biggest which has a staggering 164 flooors. Oil was found here in 1963 however since then they have started to rely on the revenue coming in from Toursim and trading, so far you can only assume that they've made the right decision. Are you someone that enjoys going out and buying expensive things more than viewing the sights, if you can then you must visit the Dubai Mall. It is the largest shopping centre in the world and holds over 1,200 stores.

Due to the rapid expansion of the city, they made it a priority to create an above ground metro station. This system contains 42 stops and was built in 18 months, they built an entire metro station in less that two years. Funnily Dubai asked Disneyland to consider building a theme park there, when Disneyland turned them down they started to construct a theme park twice the size of Disney world, I suppose no isn't an option!

There are many other things that are worth listing about Dubai, the most luxurious hotel, the fast food strip, air conditioned bus stops and many other quirky and wonderful things, non however are more impressive than the amazing services which you get out of a She-International escort.