Best Rock and roll bands From London -

Wednesday, 13 of November 2013

Everyone has a favourite rock and roll song, ever if they would not listen to this type of music from a day to day basis. America would be considered where most rock and roll is made but, England also has many bands which were successful in the UK and the States. The city which produces the best bands is clearly London, as a northerner this is hard for me to admit. I would like to mention a couple from Manchester though: The Stone roses widely considered to have one of the best albums ever produced. They made one more album before fading into a distant memory for some. The most successful band to come out of Manchester is Oasis, which had the mega hit, Wonderwall which is being discovered by young people every day. This is not about Manchester however it is about Bands who are from the south, rock and roll stars who booked high class london escorts like you would never believe. So here is a list of the most famous bands from the the big smoke. 

#10 Rolling Stones

The rolling stones have to be the most iconic Rock band to ever come out of London. They were formed back in 1962 and still sell out stadiums today which is a testament to how immensely popular they were and still are. The Original line up was Mick jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Dck Taylor, Tony Chapman and Ian Studart. The Line up changed thought the 60's while the band was becoming super famous thanks to hits like, Get off of My Cloud and Satisfaction. Brian Jones who was a big influence to the band Die by drowning in a swimming pool. The stones continued on and you can still hear his influence on the music now.

#9 Led Zeppelin

One of the most unusual band names to have ever existed. The name came from a conversation about their thoughts on how successful their band would be. At the time there were not too many hard rock bands a part from Say, Jimi Hendrix so the concept would either be loved or hated. During the discussion one of the group said their popularity would drop like a lead Zeppelin - a Zeppelin is a large balloon which was used to carry people during the early 20th century. They have some very famous songs such as Stairway to heaven which has been covered by about a billion musicians around the world. Jimmy Page, the guitarist is a god!

#8 The Who

The Who is another famous band from the 1960's which are loved around the world. Known for catchy ballards such as Baba Oriley.


#7 The Jimi Hendrix Experience

At this point you are probably thinking "Jimi Hendrix, great but, he defiantly American" and you would be absolutely right. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is the Band which Jimi played with while he was touring. The band members were Jimi On guitar, Noal Redding on Bass and Drummer Mitch Mitchell which technically made the group more English than American. The trio got together in 1966 with the advice of Jimi's manager Chas Chanler in Westminster, London.

#6 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd became very popular due to their music being like nothing else anyone had heard on the face of the earth before. This was largely down to Syd Barret, an intellectual Character who loved to take acid. Eventaully this got the better of him and he when insane, would play on stage and ended up staying a room for 40 or so years untill his death.  David Gilmor joined the group in the late 60's and continued from where Syd had left. David was good friends with Syd and has performed many songs which a dedicated to him such as "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" and "Wish you were here".

#5 The Clash

The clash were a punk rock band who's songs where pretty political a like many other punk bands. What the Clash did was make songs which stuck in your head like,  "Should i stay or should i go", or "London calling".

#4 Cream

A massive Psychedelic group from London. They did not get any number one singles in the UK charts, probably becasue the genre of music was not mainstream enough at the time. Like a lot of Rock and Roll people like the music more and more as time passes like an aging wine.

#3 Queen

Music for everyone: at some point in your life you have liked and Queen song Fact. Form many Freddie Mercury had one of the biggest personalities to ever grace the earth until his death in 1990. Queen still lives on with beautiful ballads like Bohemian rhapsody.

#2 Fleetwood Mac

Not all of Fleetwood Mac were from London but, they were certainly formed here. There blues riffs have inspired people around the globe from racing drivers (there song "the Chain" is the theme from Formula 1) to cattle ranchers.

#1 This list was in no particular order so the number one does not mean best before you ask.. Dire Straits.

The Dire Straits are a rock and roll band which was created by Mark Knopfler, the guitar extraordinaire. They combine an edgy blend of Folk, blues and Jazz to create a unique sound which has never really be recreated before.