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Paris: the city of Romance

If you're somewhat of a romancer, then surely you have already visited Paris. In this vibrant capital, you can fall in love with whoever you're with simply by just walking down the street. For some reason even though the passionate culture of Paris has been exploited for many years now, and it's still as lovely as ever. If you're someone who enjoys…


notable dating areas in London

Your typical romantic areas around the globe are usually considered the best places to go out, however some places can sometimes surprise you with their grace, elegance, charm and desire. Believe it or not London is one of the places I am talking about. For behind it's immediate face of sophistication and class, hides a community of passionate, young…


New York: A perfect place for escorts!

New York is the home of opportunities and fresh ideas, now more than ever before you can see how different, innovative and influential people have sculpted this magnificent land scape in order to turn it into the beautiful metropolis that it is today. On top of New York being one of the biggest business, fashion, and technological capital cities…


Places to dine in Dubai

A wondrous city in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai is growing on a tremendously large scale year on year both in terms of price and literal size. For the tourist Dubai offers something surreal and breathe taking in every possible way in which you could ever comprehend.  It will not come as a surprise that Dubai is over taking tourism numbers of…


New Hotels opening in Paris 2014

For those interested in visiting Paris, 2014 looks like it's going to be very prosperous for tourists. This year there are big plans for renovations all over the city, have you been keeping up to date with all of the news? Here are some of the major openings for hotels in Paris this year.

The Renaissance Paris Malmaison looks like…