Las Vegas – Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight

Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Las Vegas Final

The highly anticipated, overdue boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will be held in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA on May 2, 2015. The match is billed as the “Fight of the Century” and is expected to be the largest grossing fight in history. And it did not even seem like it was going to happen in this decade.

This fight is six years in the making, with on and off negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao, in between plenty of haggling, goading, and taunting. The two fighters signed the contract for the match last Friday, February 20, 2015. In a rare move, American media companies Showtime Sports and HBO will broadcast the match on pay per view. Showtime Sports currently owns the rights to Mayweather while HBO has Pacquiao.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are the top two fighters of boxing in this generation.

Three 147-pound titles will be up for grabs on May 2: Mayweather’s WBC and WBA welterweight titles and Pacquiao’s WBO belt. Professionally, Mayweather stands unbeaten in 47 fights. Pacquiao, in the meantime, has more fights, with a record of 57 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws. Both fighters are older: Mayweather turned 38 this year, and Pacquiao is 36. However, their age should not distract from what will be the biggest boxing event in years.

Negotiations included who has the right to announce the fight, who enters the ring first, among others, and most importantly, the split of the purse. The purse is estimated to be $200 million dollars split 60/40 between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

The fight is also projected to break Pay Per View (PPV) records, with price for the HD version estimated to be $100.00 instead of $75.00 due to heavy demand. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao are huge PPV draws. Total gross sales of their fights is around $1.6 billion on 28 million buys.

Tickets for the match are likely to be between $1,000.00 to $5,000.00

With rumours of ringside seats starting as high as $22,000.00 in the secondary market. Celebrities used to getting complimentary tickets should start preparing their wallets. “Nobody is going to get these tickets without paying for them,” says Bob Arum. Arum is Pacquiao’s promoter, and believes that only high rollers, that is, those with a $250,000 line of credit, will be given consideration for ringside tickets. He’s not even sure how many of the tickets at the MGM Grand will be available to the public.

Betting books are giving the odds of 2½ – 1 in favour of Mayweather, with the condition that the match must take place on May 2 or May3. Legal sports books in Las Vegas alone are expected to draw record betting.

Las Vegas is expecting gamblers and fight fans to be in the city for the fight, whether or not they have a ticket. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have huge fan base. Rooms in the MGM Grand for May 2 sold out as soon as the match was announced. Other near dates are getting filled up as well. Other hotels are also reporting that rooms are going quickly for May 2.

May 2, 2015 is shaping up to be a big day in sports.

The Kentucky Derby, the NBA and the NHL playoffs, and the final day of the NFL draft are also scheduled on May 2. However, this much-anticipated fight between these two giants of boxing is sure to eclipse them all.

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England – Berkshire, Royal Ascot horse race

Royal Ascot – Ascot, Berkshire, England

Britain’s premier race meeting, the Royal Ascot, will start on June 16, 2015, Tuesday to June 20, 2015, Saturday. The world’s best thoroughbreds will converge in Berkshire and vie for the £5.5 million purse. The Royal Ascot is also one of British society’s major events, with the guest list and fashion in the Royal Enclosure sometimes eclipsing the races themselves. This high profile race meet is Europe’s best-attended horse race.

This year, there will be eight group one races, including the Queen Anne Stakes and the Prince of Wales’ Stake. Group one races are the most prestigious Flat races of the Royal Ascot and usually the ones with the bigger prize money.
The British Royal family has been associated with Ascot for over 300 years, with the Royal Ascot only called such if Queen Elizabeth II is present.

Queen Anne, who enjoyed horse races, established the Royal Ascot in 1711.

For years after her death, there were no records of races in Ascot till 1720. It was King George II’s third son, William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland who set the four-day meet of the Royal Ascot in 1749. George IV had the Royal Enclosure built, a new stand with a huge lawn for the use of his exclusive set. The King also established the greatest tradition of the Royal Ascot: the Royal Procession on the Straight Mile. His patronage of the Ascot races made it one of the most important gatherings events of the year for the peerage.
Queen Elizabeth II always opens each day of the Royal Ascot in a horse-drawn carriage with a Royal procession while her Royal Standard is raised. The Queen’s keen interest in horses is a known quality and she owns many thoroughbred racehorses. Her horses have won over 1,600 races including Estimate who won in the Gold Cup at Ascot in 2013. Twenty-two of the Queen’s horses, including Estimate, have won at Royal Ascot.

During the meet, members of the Royal family mill around in the Royal Enclosure.

The prestigious area is reserved for family and guests of the Royal family and membership to this set continues to be by invitation only. There is a dress code here which is strictly enforced, that is, formal morning dress for both men and women.

The Grandstand and the Silver Ring enclosures are open to the public. The Grandstand is at the centre of Ascot, close to the Pre-Parade and Parade Ring. The Royal Procession passes by the Grandstand lawns. Patrons of the Grandstand are encouraged to follow either the dress code of the Royal Enclosure or the Grandstand. Either way, dress code is strictly enforced here as well.
The Silver Ring enclosure is the most affordable area of Ascot and offers the best view of the Royal Procession. During races, the Silver Ring patrons are the first to glimpse the horses as they make their way along the Straight Mile. There is no dress code for the Silver Ring patrons but are merely required to dress smartly.

Thursdays at the Royal Ascot is one of the most attended days of the meeting.

Colloquially called Ladies Day, Thursday at the Royal Ascot holds the Gold Cup race, one of three perpetual trophies of the event and the most important race for long-distance horses. It is also on this day that ladies come out in their most fashionable and fashion-forward millinery ensemble.
Ticket prices and the race schedule are already available on the Royal Ascot website.
Royal Ascot has been attracting over 300,000 spectators and race fans to Berkshire for the last decade.
The best racehorses from around the world are readying for the Royal Ascot meeting. Get your hats and pockets ready, and book early to experience Britain’s premier horse racing meet, the Royal Ascot.

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Serbia – Exit Adventure European Music Festival

The Exit Adventure with Faithless and Tom Odell in Serbia

Exit is a music festival held annually on the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, starting from 2000, and usually lasts four days. It is considered as one of the biggest music festival in South Eastern Europe.
The Association of seventy biggest European festivals awarded the EXIT Festival 2007 award for best festival of the year. The EXIT Festival will be held from 9th to 12th July at the Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad, while the second SEA Dance Festival is to be held from 16th to 18th July at Jazz beach in Montenegro.

Exit supports a number of social campaigns and campaigns in the local community.

State of Exit Foundation is a foundation established in 2010 with the aim of supporting the reform of higher education in Serbia. From its humble but brave beginnings, when it was established in 2000 as a student movement in the struggle for freedom democracy in Serbia, EXIT has over 15 years grown into a major European Best Festival!
In addition to this prestigious title which is decorated in January of this year, EXIT can boast with previous visit to more than 2.5 million people from over 60 countries from around the world, as well as the status of undisputed musical tourist events not only in Serbia, but all over the region.

One of the biggest electronic bands of all time Faithless will perform on Sunday, July 12 at Exit Dance Arena!

It will be the biggest spectacle production momentous concert in the history of one of the most popular electronic stage in the world! The famous band from London released this year’s return to the stage for a series of selected performances, which marked 20 years of work with the remix album “Faithless 2.0”.
Along with the modern version of the energy classics such as “Insomnia”, “God Is A DJ”,  and “We Come One “the edition contains three brand new songs! Faithless will so encircle their opus of seven albums countless singles from the top of the world charts,  sold in over 15 million copies.

The young British singer-songwriter Tom Odell will perform.

For the 15th anniversary of the Exit Festival on the main stage at Friday,  July 10.  The ‘Young David Bowie’,  as he was nominated by Lily Allen, won the audience critics debut album “Long Way Down” from which singled out a big hit-single “Another Love”. Confirmation of talent 24-year-old singer,  has arrived in the form of two awards that every musician personally wanted most.
The award for the biggest achievements of copyright “Ivor Novello”, Odel obtained already in 2014 , and before him this awards has been given to very significant performers, such as Peter Gabriel, “Eurhythmics”, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton , Freddie Mercury other musical icons.
Huge international reputation, parades fans from around the world. Amazing location jubilee years promise how the next edition of EXIT will be one of the best so far! Great birthday party will mark the continuation of a seven-day summer EXIT adventure!

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London – Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair

International Art & Antiques Fair – London

The change of dates this year has seen London’s leading art fair, Olympia Art & Antiques run from mid to end June (18- 28). This move comes after a date collision with other cultural events in London. The change of dates is to give visitors and buyers from all over the world an opportunity to focus & explore on London’s rich art & antique fairs this summer.

It being the 43rd edition it promises to be bigger, better and wider

It has an incredible 170 world-class dealers showcasing modern and contemporary art in 30 categories. This means an extensive range of fine uniquely crafted pieces furnished with finesse and enchantment.  From portrait miniatures, furniture, jewellery to ancient Chinese ceramics. With slightly over 30,000 pieces, Olympia Fair has something for everyone regardless of their social status. This tends to attract more art & antique lovers and collectors interested in high quality art as well.
Olympia Art & Antiques Fair features top dealers from Art Deco & Art Nouveau to 19th and 20th century European paintings and drawings
Basically, it has covered all categories in regards to arts and antiques.  This will give collectors and visitors a wider range crafted pieces to choose from in this year’s event. The organizers are also anticipating to attract a significant number of distinguished international buyers than in the past.

Visitors also have a chance to meet with the truly gifted & skilled craftsmen at the enthralling preview day

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned visitor, this is day is definitely something to look out for. And for the night lovers, Olympia Art Fair has late night openings just for you. One late night opening is a must-go for everyone to experience London’s late night beauty. To top it off it has a champagne bar for discerning visitors to relax and mingle with other collectors freely.

One night has been set for a VIP charity event

This will bring together prominent collectors interested in quality Arts & screened Antiques.  There is an interesting events programme for enthusiasts in art across the world. This will utterly be an amazing experience for anyone who is fascinated about arts and antiques.

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Zurich – Swiss – Moto 2015 Motorcycle Show

Zurich – Motorcycle Show

If you are planning to visit Europe soon, you have strong reason to visit Zurich, Switzerland.

The bike event number one in Switzerland, gives each year to kick off the new season. For four days , the new models , innovations in the field of accessories and clothing equipment and spectacular shows there are the stars – a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Swiss-Moto is known to be the biggest and the most innovative motor show

The show is famous to exhibit the latest technology transport systems. You must visit this show, to come across the most luxurious and amazing vehicles. Renowned car racers are also present, which adds to the highlight of this much awaited show. The street racing activities are also organized which is a delight to watch. All these activities and presence of the experts help this event to lead in the entire region of Switzerland.

Swiss-Moto is popular as it displays only what the heart desires to watch.

The show strives to maintain a clean and eco-friendly atmosphere, causing no hazards to the nature. This motor show will take place for four days at Messezentrum Zurich, Zurich. From 19 to 22 February 2015 , the meeting place for fans of motorcycles, scooters and tuning. February. All motorcycles fans come together to experience one of the most outstanding events. The show provides the most interesting models of 2014 and gives a possibility to get acquainted with new brands of this season. There is no doubt, unique presentations on the Endurance World Championship and “Brit Oldies” won`t leave you uninterested.

Here you will find everything for the wild heart

The show features factory production off-road and adventure bikes, race bikes, motocross, street fighters, touring bikes, trikes, cruisers, classics and includes the best custom built machines. The show also features an area dedicated to café racers, spanning modern builds based on the styles, legends and icons from the 1950s, through to the 1970s.

On more than 30,000 m² decorated with new models of all premium brands

Dedicated to current trends in accessories and clothing equipment, custom bikes heated , spectacular shows and special exhibitions staged exceptionally be felt thrill visitors . The Swiss-Motorcycle Show will also include different machinery, equipment and accessories concerning motorcycles, such as casual wear, boots, gloves, helmets, moto luggage, drive chains, fluids, electronics, tools, tires and more.

The show has had about 120 exhibitors

Last year there where more than 63,000 visitors. Among the exhibitors included for 2015 will be BMW Motorrad, Motorex, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, KTM, Horex, Husqvarna, Drag Specialties, Boss Hoss, Classic Cycles, Ducati, Goodyear Dunlop, House of Leather, Michelin, MV Agusta, to name but a few. In addition, London’s Ace Café which will display the new Triumph Thruxton Ace 900, a 1962 café racer and rare 1958 T120 Triumph.

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