Apply for a model

  • Note

    Experience shows our clients are very reluctant to make bookings with girls with multiple or obtrusive piercings, tattoos or scars. Please consider this carefully when applying because there is little sense in starting a cooperation if we can not get you any bookings. Furthermore your application will be rejected if you are less than 18 years of age, if you are under any form of duress, if you have mental problems, if you are alcohol or drug dependent, if you hop from agency to agency and if you have no other part or full time occupation.

  • Send your application by email or Whatsapp

    Our Whatsapp number:
    +44 7452 396 361
    Our models email:

  • What kind of pictures should I send?

    Please send a minimum of four unblurred pictures of yourself, 1 facial and 1 full length figure picture, as recent and in as good quality as possible. These pictures are purely for us to get an idea of what you look like. We won't use any of your pictures without your permission, nor use your pictures and specifics before we reach a full and mutual agreement.

    What kind of additional information should I send?

    We would like to know your (real) age, your height, weight and other stats.
    Also something more about yourself... Your nationality, where you live now, your studies, hobbies..

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